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Arizona Historic Charm or Contemporary?


Historic Charm or Contemporary, you have a choice in Arizona.

A unique staircase, antique moldings, and a colorful history can give a home a certain charm.  Yet, having the latest high-tech conveniences and amenities found in a brand new home is appealing, too.  Which one is right for you and your family?

Here in Arizona, we're fortunate to have a nice variety of home styles and ages to choose from … each with its own appeal.  Lifestyle, personal taste, and price range are usually the driving factors when considering Arizona real estate.  Downtown Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe and Mesa, AZ have an abundance of older and historic homes.  Here's are some points to consider for older, possibly historic Arizona homes and newly constructed properties.

Older Arizona Homes

Colorful History: Buying an historic home often comes with an interesting tale.  Perhaps a local “celeb” lived there. Maybe the home was once a popular storefront or the local doctor's office.  Interesting curios?  Your whole house could be a conversation piece!

Traditional Craftsmanship: Older homes can feature special touches like ornate columns, antique lighting fixtures, beveled or stained glass, stained wood trim, crown molding and other period accents give a home character.

Mature Landscaping: Arizona homes in established neighborhoods can feature decades old trees and other mature landscaping, lending a comfortable feel to the entire neighborhood.

Hobby Time: Many owners of older Arizona properties receive plenty of satisfaction by treating their home as their hobby.  Do you love restoring antique fixtures, reviving a tired structure or, maybe, bringing an older home back to its glory days?  If so, then one of Arizona’s older homes may be just what you need.

New Homes in Arizona

Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency is especially important in Arizona.  Efficient heating & cooling systems, enhanced air filtration, better windows, and the latest insulation materials and techniques increase energy efficiency and comfort in newer homes.

Modern Conveniences: Arizona’s newer homes have the latest amenities, including; central heating and air, built-in appliances, and high-tech wiring for networked computers, telephone and audio/visual equipment.

Maintenance: All thumbs when it comes to home repairs?  Don’t have time to putter around the house?  You might consider a new home.  Fewer maintenance issues allow you to enjoy Arizona’s lifestyle to your heart’s content.